Tucker on Vindman Being Offered Defense Minister by Ukraine: How Did This Not Raise Any Red Flags to the Dems?

‘Alexander Vindman is hurting Trump, therefore he is an American hero; that’s what they know’


CARLSON: “Wait, what? He was offered defense minister three times? Keep in mind that Alexander Vindman was born in Ukraine, speaks Ukrainian and clearly has strongly held views about Ukrainian Politics, views that may or may not align with U.S. Policy on the subject. Now we learn that the Ukrainian government repeatedly asked vindman to take formal control of the entire Ukrainian military, which, for the record, it is a very strange thing to ask of an active-duty American military officer. And yet somehow, that constellation of facts did not raise a single red flag for our self-appointed watchdogs in the news media. Alexander Vindman is hurting Trump, therefore he is an American hero. That’s what they know, and they don’t want to know any more than that. They are adamantly uninterested, for example, in the identity of the so-called whistle-blower. We learn from this weirdest exchange, watch vindman’s cryptic description of the man with no name.”

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