Fox News’ Gutfeld: Impeachment Hearings ‘A Tremendous Absolute Waste of Time… It’s a Freaking Joke!’

‘This is not a hearing, it is a human resources meeting’


GUTFELD: “What an absolute tremendous waste of time for everyone who watches this. This is not a hearing. It is a human resources meeting, okay. Anybody who has been on both sides of the coin, right? Either you have been in charge of a project, or an incoming boss. Understands what you are seeing. It works like this, you are in charge of a department, a new boss comes in, he needs to establish a new way, his stamp, your priorities don’t jive, there is a tug-of-war between sides, the boss always wins. Here’s the great news about this, the priorities that the person leaving often remains the custodian is gone. But the struggle is necessary to prove the viability of the existing structure, right? They say we need this for the Ukraine. And Trump is like, I don’t know. It comes together. This is not impeachment. This is what happens in the office. The irony is the people who work for a living are not here to watch this to laugh at this. The media thinks it is important, because they have never been at a workplace situation. They have never managed anything. They have never been an incoming boss. So they are tricked into thinking that this is something important when this is something that happens every single day in everyone’s business. It’s a freaking joke.”

(Via Mediaite)

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