Olivia Enos: Hong Kong Protests Must Peacefully Support Preservation of Rule of Law

‘Hong Kong protesters took to the street initially because of the potential institution of an Extradition Bill’


SCHOLER: "Do you anticipate, under President Trump, that that will be something that the U.S. supports as these protests continue?"
ENOS: "Well, the U.S. needs to continue to support the peaceful elements of the protests. We’ve seen how the statements from Secretary Pompeo and of course a lot of activity on Capitol Hill in support of Hong Kong's protesters that — of course, that is up to the President at the end of the day to make clear unequivocal statements where there's condemnations of violence, both when the Hong Kong security forces are carrying out police brutality, but also when protesters are engaging in violent activity, and continue to encourage those peaceful elements of the protest that really seek to advance freedom and liberty in Hong Kong."

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