Mercedes Schlapp: We’ve Got USMCA on the Table and Pelosi’s Talking About Impeachment

‘Congress and these Democrats are focused solely on this impeachment process’


SCHLAPP: “I mean for crying out loud, we've got USMCA on the table. Nancy Pelosi is talking about impeaching the President. The administration for a long time — and I was at the White House during this time — has been negotiating with the Democrats to get USMCA done. This impacts many of those districts that we're talking about, and yet Congress and these Democrats are focused solely on this impeachment process. They can't seem to move the ball on any other piece of legislation. They can't seem to find common ground with Republicans on other pieces of legislation — for example, like lowering drug prices. So it is a big problem for these Democrats if all they can show to the American people that the only thing they want to work on is impeaching the President."  

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