Fox’s Kennedy: Trump Tweeting Yovanovitch Made Him ‘Look Like a Big Dumb Baby’

‘Should the president be tweeting at her mid-hearing?’


KENNEDY: “You understand we're talking about someone's feelings and I think I will probably be upset if my contract was renewed and then a couple of weeks later I was relieved of duty on the next plane out. Of course, but is that a foundation for impeaching the President? No. There was some really weird stuff that went on in this. Has it risen to the level of impeachment? Well, if it has, that's what we should be focusing on. And frankly, we're not. Should the President be tweeting at her mid-hearing? No, it makes him look like a big dumb baby. And he makes her look like a victim, and if you just let it go, this entire, the last two days of hearings and testimony would've been a snoozefest. And to Dana's point, the news cycle moves so quickly that even the tweet is being forgotten."

(Via Mediaite)

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