Fox News Reporter: The Constitution ‘Doesn’t Say Anything About Witness Intimidation’

‘[Adam Schiff] indicated that this might be an attempt to intimidate the witness’


PERGRAM: “Now, earlier this morning I talked to a Democratic member of the committee who said, you know, he thought that Republicans have to be careful in their line of questioning if they they try to attack Marie Yovanovitch and the Democrats said to me this morning if they do that today it would not look good. Well guess what, Sandra, President Trump did that for them, so how can Republicans try to clean that up, that might be a challenge. Now, something else that was said by Adam Schiff, the chair of the Intelligence Committee. He indicated that this might be an attempt to intimidate the witness. Now, when we look at the U.S. Constitution and we look at Article 2, Section 4, it doesn't say anything about witness intimidation. It talks about high crimes and misdemeanors, bribery, which is a theme we've heard a lot about here. But you can see potentially that Democrats could use that moment to try to tie that into an article of impeachment.” 

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