Donald Trump Jr.: ‘The American People See This Sham for Exactly What It Is’

‘Donald Trump is crushing it for America’

TRUMP JR.: "The American people get it, guys. The American people see this sham exactly for what it is. They are overplaying their hand, as they have done each and every time. Donald Trump is crushing it for America. He is putting up numbers in the economy that have never been seen before, and he is doing that despite zero, not one little bit of help from the other side. Now, they could do even more. Nancy Pelosi has been sitting on the USMCA for nine months. That could be passed, create hundreds of thousands of jobs for Americans. They could work on infrastructure. But no, no, no. We have to do whatever we can to damage Trump because going into 2020 we don't have a field that can win. And that's a very sad state of affairs for the American people."

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