Brit Hume: Do We Want Another Four to Eight Years of the Clinton’s Weird Marriage?

‘She has long experience — she knows the issues, but at the same time she has tremendous baggage’

WALLACE: “ — of candidacy eight years ago and a Republican attack ad releases before she got into the race and it is time for the Sunday group: Fox News senior political analyst, Brit Hume. Welcome back. “USA Today” columnist Kirsten Powers, and George Will, syndicated columnist and Charles Lane. Brit, there has been a lot of talk of about how Clinton will take a softer and more intimate approach this time than eight years ago but what struck me looking back at that video that’s exactly the kind of tone she set last time so it seems to be her go to move. What do you see going in, what are her strengths and weaknesses on day one of her campaign?”
HUME: “She has huge advantages. She is better known than any Democrat in America. Certainly any Democrat that has any idea of running in this election year. She has a tremendous body of support and supporters that dates back years. She has a huge fundraising apparatus. She has professional people around her. She has long experience. She knows the issues. But at the same time she has tremendous baggage. Do America, — American people really want another four to eight years of the Clintons and their weird marriage? Do they really want more of the kind of behavior — the deceptive behaviour we saw with regard to the mails and all the rest of it. Which is so redolent of the Clinton administrations and experiences in the past? And there’s fact that the public is hungry for someone new. She is not someone new. She is old. She is not the news.”

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