Sen. Harris: ‘I Will Take Executive Action’ as President to Stop Mass Shootings

‘I will take executive action and I have received hate from other Democrats about’


HARRIS: “And that is such a failure of the people currently in leadership, which is that we're going to have to wait for these kids to lead before there is leadership on this issue. What a failure of the people who walk around with these lapel pins around Congress and they've got their staff running after them as though they're royalty, and they take all of the attributes and all of the benefits of their supposed role of leadership, but when it comes to a moment when they really should lead, they fail. It is tragic. That’s why I said, when I get elected president, I will take executive action. And I have received hate from other Democrats about it. So what? I will take executive action. People say, 'Well, then what happens if someone comes in after you and they undo it?' Well, you know what? I’ll wait. I’ll deal with that in eight years. Someone has to act."

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