Marc Short: We Want to Have a Relationship with the People of China, But that Does Not Mean We Do Not Want to Negotiate

‘They don’t enjoy the same freedom of speech’


SHORT: "Well, we're pleased that the folks in China were able to read and listen to the Vice President's speech. I think that the Vice President gave a speech a year ago with the Hudson Institute in which he gave similar remarks. And we just hope the people of China get to read the speech because there they don't enjoy the same freedoms of speech. And I think that the Vice President is very encouraging that we want to have a relationship with the people of China, unfortunately it's their government that has such a oppressive regime, and I think that's been the position of this entire Administration. It doesn't mean, as I said, that we can't strike trade deals and I think that the President has been very clear about looking at factories across the country that have been shut down because of unfair trade deals and wanting to basically start a new chapter in what our trade negotiations are.”

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