President Trump Touts Historic Low Black Unemployment

‘We have done more for African-Americans in three years than the broken Washington establishment has done in more than 30 years’


TRUMP: “If I would have said that, if I would have said that during the campaign, I would have been excoriated. They would have gone wild. How dare he make 6.7 million new jobs since the election? Last month, the African-American unemployment rate reached the lowest level ever recorded in the history of our country. How do you lose that argument in a debate, right? The African-American youth unemployment, this was so important to me. You remember how high, it was 60, 70 percent, has now reached the lowest number ever recorded in the history of our country, doing really well. The African-American poverty rate has reached an all-time historic low. Lowest it’s ever been. For the first time ever, most new hires of prime working age are minorities and women. First time that’s ever happened.”

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