Fox’s Chris Wallace: Impeachment Probe ‘an Utterly Polarized, Utterly Partisan Exercise’

‘No Republicans are jumping ship and joining the Democrats’


WALLACE: “We've had a number of witnesses come up and testify and we’ve had the release of the transcripts of a number of those witnesses, and these three witnesses who're going to testify on camera this next week, William Taylor, and George Kent and Marie Yovanovitch, we’ve read their transcripts, one assumes they’ll basically say in the open on camera what they said behind closed doors. And you know, look, obviously Democrats think it’s quite incriminating, Republicans think it isn’t. But that’s really the bottom line. It hasn’t changed anything. This is still an utterly polarized, utterly partisan exercise. No Republicans are jumping ship and joining the Democrats, no particular Democrats are jumping ship and joining the Republicans. These two camps are locked in place and it seems that nothing that is being presented is changing either side."

(h/t Mediaite)

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