Trump: My Charity Was Great, I Was Sued Because New York Is a Corrupt State

‘I gave a lot of money away’


TRUMP: "My charity was great. I gave a lot of money away. I was sued because in New York it’s a hornet’s nest and they sue you for anything. And yet, on a really bad thing, if you look at that Clinton charity, they left her alone. That's one of the reasons people leave New York. I gave away $19 million. I took no expense, I took no rent, I took no fees, I took no nothing. 100% of that money was given away. And I had to actually go through a process for years with New York because you know why? New York is a corrupt state. It's a corrupt state. It's a shame. I gave $19 million away. What happened is instead of saying, 'Thank you, great,' they hit me with a lawsuit. And it was started by a man who had to get out because he beat up women. That’s the kind of a place it is."

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