Stephanie Grisham on ‘Sham Impeachment’: The President Continues to Work

‘Democrats understand president did nothing wrong’


GRISHAM: “I will tell you the President continues to work and it is unfortunate that the Democrats, as you just said, are focusing only on impeachment. We are missing out on a lot of work that can be done behalf of this country. The fact that the whistleblower has now his attorneys who since the day the President took office were tweeting about a coup and how they had to get the President out of office should be of concern to a lot of people. But the President is going to continue to work. We’ve got to try and get USMCA passed. We’ve got to try to pass a budget for this country. We’ve got to fund our military. I would just implore the Democrats to understand the President did nothing wrong. Their sham impeachment has not worked, it's not going to work. Let’s all try to get to work for the country and do some positive things.”

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