Ted Deutch: We’re Not Going to Allow Trump’s Efforts to Prevent Impeachment from Going Forward

‘We’ve gone through this process over the past six weeks that’s been very deliberate’


DEUTCH: "Well, we’ve seen the efforts of the administration to obstruct investigations going back — going back to March when the Mueller report came out. We’ve seen the ongoing effort to prevent people from coming to testify, then to the Judiciary Committee, now they’ve tried to prevent people from testifying in front of the Intelligence Committee and to speak to these important questions about the President of the United States using his office to pressure a foreign government to help him in his political campaign. We’ve seen all of it play out, but fortunately, in this case, it hasn’t worked. We’ve seen these patriotic Americans, national security officials and diplomacy officials, State Department officials who have come forward to share with us their very real concerns. They're not going to be bullied by the administration, so we’re not going to allow the administration’s efforts to prevent this from going forward to succeed not when there’s already so much powerful testimony we’ve already received that the American people will start to hear next week."

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