Elise Jordan: ‘Blows My Mind’ How So Many Nationally Elected GOPers Are ‘Willing to Bow at the Altar of Trump’

‘They are just willing to bow at the altar of Trump’


JORDAN: “Joe, it just really blows my mind how so many men, and primarily men, because, well, let’s face the fact, most national elected Republicans these days are men, but they are just willing to bow at the altar of Trump. And after all of that, after all the public humiliation, after the nastiness and just the cruelty that Donald Trump heaped on Jeff Sessions — and I was never a big Jeff Sessions fan, but you got to the point where you just pitied him as a human being for what he went through with the president of the United States just bullying him every single day. I can’t imagine a single job in the world that did would be worth it to have to go and bow down to your biggest bully like that. And it also just frankly annoys me that Donald Trump calls Jeff Sessions dumb southerner and this and that, and then Donald Trump benefits from so much southern support and just the — and another example of this. The Mississippi — the newly elected Mississippi governor, the chair of the RNC tweets out, ‘Oh, Donald Trump saved the race. He was down by double digits.’ Seriously? And they just take it. They just roll over. And I don’t want to say roll over like dogs because I like dogs. But they just roll over.”

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