CNN’s Begala: Bloomberg Is Everything Trump Pretends To Be

‘I think that works very well’

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BEGALA: “I suspect what we saw in that clip with Kate Bolduan, I think the mayor is probably right when he predicted he couldn’t get through the democratic process. If he stands on the stage with Donald Trump, I think he matches up very well. He is actually a businessman. He is actually a billionaire. He is actually a philanthropist. He is all the things that Trump pretends to be but is not. I think that works very well. He has to get through a Democratic primary. Amanda is right. He does have a great reservoir of goodwill for having funded climate and particularly on gun safety. I was in Virginia for the big election. The folks from moms demand, from every town, these groups that have been working and many funded by Bloomberg, they might really love him, but that’s not going to be enough. We’ll see. I’m all for more people running, particularly if they are billionaire and hire a lot of consultants like I used to be. But I just have a hard time seeing him being able to pull together. I will say Joe Biden started the race the day he announced at 28. You know where he is at? 28. We keep waiting for him to collapse. Everybody presumes and I keep think thinking gee, he is going to fade. It’s been pretty impressive to me so far.”

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