CNN’s Avlon: Roger Stone Trial Shows Trump Was ‘Obsessed’ with Getting Hillary’s Emails

‘What we do know is that Steve Bannon and Roger Stone had all sorts of conversations during the campaign’


BERMAN: “New questions this morning about President Trump’s involvement in the effort to obtain Democratic stolen emails by the Russians in 2016. Telephone records released at the trial of the president's long time friend and political adviser Roger Stone show that Stone spoke with the president, then-candidate, three times the same day that news of the DNC hack broke. This comes as prosecutors have announced that Steve Bannon and Rick Gates are expected to testify against Roger Stone. Back with us, Abby Phillip and John Avalon. John, I was struck yesterday by the reporting out of the Roger Stone trial. He’s on trial for lying to Congress about what he communicated to the campaign and others about the WikiLeaks break in. He’s not on trial for his conversations with the president. So the fact that the prosecutors came out with that investigation, that we did not know. We did not know he had three phone calls on one day, two phone calls on another day with the president on key moments during this hack. That was news to me.”
AVLON: “That is news. And it fills out the picture of a president who behind the scenes was obsessed with trying to get Hillary’s emails by any means necessary. And we’ve seen more details with the Mueller investigation notes that have come out showing he was much more actively inquiring about them in private.” 

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