Hannity Calls Yovanovitch Testimony ‘Fake News’

‘Sorry to burst your fake news bubble’


HANNITY: “Let me dispel some fake news about me. That’s getting obsessively compulsively reported on fake news CNN and other outlets. According to testimony from the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine under Obama that was a holdover, apparently I’m being accused of making some kind of allegations against the Ambassador and that secretary Pompeo or someone from the State Department called me about it. Now, that never happened. It would be fake news. The Ambassador was barely ever mentioned on our show, we went back and looks. I don’t know anything about this woman, to be honest. Her name came up on on the show. One holdover, but did ask a question about a news report if she was involved in something. It was a question, we do news here. I never talked to secretary Pompeo about Ukraine, I never talked to anyone at the State Department about this Ambassador. Sorry to burst your fake news bubble.“

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