Gaetz: Trump Have Supported Ukraine More and Have Been More Tougher on Russia than Obama Ever Was

‘Let’s remember this aid was indefinitely withheld by President Obama, delivered by President Trump’


GAETZ: “While the Democrats are running a campaign of disorientation and distraction. That’s principally for two reasons. First, they failed to deliver on those promises regarding health care, immigration, infrastructure, lower prescription drug prices. But second I would say just important, Gregg Jarrett wrote books about it, there Russia hoax was a Disaster. They were humiliated over the fact that they set for two years the president was in a criminal conspiracy with Russia so now we’ve got to knock off Ukrainian sequel and I guess, Sean, in Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff’s America, if you peddle influence to the vice president’s office, that’s just business as usual, but if you ask westerns about it, that’s impeachable. It’s ludicrous. I think what we learned today from the testimony, the key nugget I got from that, is that after several years of the Donald Trump presidency, our policies are actually more supportive of the Ukraine and tougher on Russia under President Trump than they ever were under President Obama. Let’s remember this aid was indefinitely withheld by President Obama, delivered by President Trump, and that’s why voters all across America are rejecting the sham process and also the lack of substance that undergirds this distraction.”

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