Trump: China Would Like to See Another President More than Hillary Would

‘China wants to make a deal so badly’


TRUMP: “I am here because of them. Kellyanne Conway, stand up, Kelly. Another warrior. I just saw Kelly Kellyanne Conway. And think of somebody saying, now, look, the $1.5 billion that hunter got thrown out of the Navy, got a lot of money from Ukraine. They got $1.5 million from China. I have to tell you I been negotiating with China and they are very tough. That is not the same group of Chinese people that I’ve been negotiating with. They gave them $1.5 billion. They will make millions and millions with that. And how about saying, by the way, Mr. President, would you please take over the negotiations? President Trump is no longer handling. Guess what, you would be sold down the tube so fast. We are so close. China wants to make a deal so badly. I think they would love to see another president. Would they like, they would like to see another president more than crooked Hillary would come okay?”

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