Tom Friedman: GOP’s Is Very Clear ‘This Is a Cult of Personality’ with Trump and They’re Not Going to ‘Abandon Dear Leader’

‘They are not going to abandon dear leader, no matter what he does or says’


FRIEDMAN: "You know, Alisyn, it’s pretty clear, we keep waiting for that moment, that event, that — Trump told us from the very beginning. His political instincts are very sharp. I can shoot someone out there on 5th Avenue and my followers will not desert me. And so this has always been about at the margin. What did we see in the 2018 midterm election? We did see independents, moderate Republicans and suburban women who had voted for the president. They chose between him and Hillary and said, let’s give this guy a try. And to me 2020 election is all about, can you hold those people in a national election, in the swing districts? Because the Republican Party is not going to abandon this guy. They’ve made it very clear, this is a cult of personality now and they are not going to abandon dear leader, no matter what he does or says."

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