Tucker Carlson: ‘I Don’t Know’ if Jon Stewart Still ‘Has a Show’

‘He came on our show and made of bunch of noises that I didn’t understand then; I don’t understand now’

TUCKER CARLSON, in reply to a CSPAN caller asking if he'll debate Jon Stewart: “I don't know that he has a show anymore, does he? I don't know. I mean, I didn’t debate Jon Stewart the first time. He came on our show and made of bunch of noises that I didn’t understand then. I don’t understand now. I think he’s a talented guy, more talented than I am and been more successful than I am. But I still don’t understand what point he was trying to make. I thought it was ridiculous. And if you go back and look at the tape, I haven’t but remember it pretty well; I don’t think he said anything intelligible of worth hearing. ‘You’re bad for America.’ OK. ‘You suck up to politicians.’ Well that’s about the only sin I’ve never committed. I mean the one thing I’ve never done is sniffed the throne of someone in power. I just find that repulsive. I’ve never done it. He has. He would have politicians on his show. And you know, if he agreed with them, John Kerry for example, Barack Obama right before presidential elections in ’04 and ’08 he would ask them ‘Why are you so wonderful?’ ‘Is it hard that people are so mean to you?’ I felt like he had an obligation to ask a little tougher questions. I may have asked questions that were too nasty. That’s probably a fair criticism, but I’ve certainly never sucked up to anybody. So, I didn’t even understand his criticism then. I get that he was more popular than I was and probably still is much more popular than I am so he was reported as the winner. But on the merits, what he had to say was dumb. It’s just true.”

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