W.H. Press Sec.: The Dems Have Been ‘Crying & Screaming the Word Impeachment’ Like Children

‘And for the last two weeks the president has been working’

GRISHAM: "Look, for two weeks now that Congress has been in session, the Dems have been stomping their feet and plugging their ears and crying and screaming the word 'impeachment' like children. And for the last two weeks the President has been working. He's been speaking with foreign leaders, he traveled to another state and got a Bipartisan Award on all of his work with criminal justice reform. He did an event where he honored law enforcement officers. He, as I said, authorized and killed the founder and leader of ISIS. This president will continue to work, he is a tough president, but he is getting results for the American people. And, you know, there's polls out today that show people are frustrated and disappointed with all of the impeachment farce that's happening. We know that in the White House. We're going to keep working. We've done nothing wrong and the President's done nothing wrong, and that's the end of the statement there."       

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