John Malcolm: Impeachment Process Has to Be Open, Fair, and Bipartisan

‘It’s not a real resolution for an impeachment inquiry’


MALCOLM: "Yeah, probably, because it’s not a real resolution for an impeachment inquiry. It’s a resolution that says, 'Gee, these six committees that have been conducting these investigations, just keep doing what you’re doing the way you’ve been doing it.' And I think the Republicans, with the fair amount of justification, think that the way that things have been done so far is a sham with the testimony taking place behind closed doors and selective leaks taking place and with the Republicans having limited rights to issue subpoenas or question witnesses, the President’s lawyer isn’t present to hear what’s going on. So I think that they’re prepared to say, 'Look, we'll consider the merits of this at the end of the day, but the process has to be open fair and bipartisan.' This has been anything but that."

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