Democratic Reps. Capuano, Lynch: It’s Time for Pelosi To Step Aside

‘Nancy Pelosi will not lead us back into the majoriy’

NN HOST: "Is it time for her [Nancy Pelosi] to go with Harry Reid?"
CAPUANO: "I have said from the day one that when you do something that no matter how good I may think it is, if it is not working you should change what you are doing. And right now, we continue to do the same thing. We have lost more seats since then and I fought for it. I don't blame one person, that would be incredibly stupid."
NN HOST: "But she should go?"
CAPUANO: "I think we need leadership that understands that if something you are doing is not working, change what you are doing."
NN HOST: "So she should go?"
CAPUANO: "I think it would be better. She should change, one way or the other. That's why we have just lost more seats to the last cycle."
NN HOST: "Should she go?"
LYNCH: "Nancy Pelosi will not leads us back into the majority."
NN HOST: "So the answer is yes?"
LYNCH: "Right."
NN HOST: "Steve Lynch, very nice to see you. Congressman Capuano, thank you too."

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