Obama: Global Warming Bad for Your Health

The president alleged that global warming will cause higher rates of asthma

LAPOOK: “Mr. President, studies suggests most Americans don't connect global warming or climate change with their own personal health. Why do you think that is?”
OBAMA: “Because it's not as obvious as some of the environmental issues of the past, and with climate change and rising temperatures, some of the effects are slow in registering in the minds of the public. But what we know is this: the planet is getting warmer. The science is indisputable. As springs and summers stretch out, allergies season is increased. That’s going have an impact on people's asthma for example."
LAPOOK: “When I have a patient come in to my office with asthma and they're wheezing, they want their inhaler.”
OBAMA: “Of course.
LAPOOK: “They don't want to hear about some long-term solution. You have two daughters who are teenagers. Are you thinking long term because of them? Is that somehow part of the equation?”
OBAMA: “You know, Malia early on when she was young, she had asthma, and we had to visit the emergency room once. We had good health insurance and we had the capacity to really knock it out early so that over time she was able to not have to carry an inhaler around. She still has allergies that have to be monitored. So I’m a dad like everybody else. I’ve seen how scary it is when your kid comes up to you, your 4-year-old, and says, 'I’m having trouble breathing.'”
LAPOOK: “Even if you are the president of the United States."
OBAMA: "Even if you are the president of the United States. It's not right."

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