Trump on Ukraine: This Is a Hoax Just Like Russia Collusion

‘This is a disgrace that this could happen in our country’


TRUMP: "Well it is a word that many Democrats have used, it is a word many people used over the years but that's a word that has been used many times. And let me tell you something, the level of unfairness for a perfect conversation with the president of Ukraine, this was a perfect conversation. And frankly, had they known what the conversation was, they wouldn’t have even wasted everybody’s time. But this was a perfect conversation with the president of Ukraine. President of Ukraine, and his foreign minister separately came out and said there was absolutely nothing wrong with the conversation. President of Ukraine and the foreign minister came out said there was no anything. There was -- he used the word no blackmail. They said there was no pressure, there was nothing done wrong. This is a hoax just like there was no collusion after two years they found out and wasted $45 million. This is a disgrace that this could happen in our country."

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