Tucker Carlson: 11,000 Homeless in Seattle, Lawmakers Making It Worse

‘You have one council member literally calling cops bigoted murderers’


CARLSON: "The crisis of vagrancy end homelessness in Seattle is one of the worst in North America, but for some officials, things aren’t quite bad enough, so they have tried to make them worse, making the crisis as harmful as possible. That honestly seems to be the goal of some elected officials in Seattle. The city currently operates something called a 'navigation team', it's a group of specially trained police and social workers who help clean up dirty homeless encampments and get homeless people into shelters. During cold winter days they almost certainly save some lives, but two Seattle city council members want the team gutted or defunded completely. Their agenda is not complicated. They want more filth, more unsafe homeless encampments filling up the Seattle city centers. Why do they want this?”

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