CBP’s Perez Highlights the Administration’s Progress on Building the Border Wall

‘It’s a border wall system as we mentioned before, not just the infrastructure itself but technology embedded into the wall’


PEREZ: “They’re exceptional, Steve, and we’re only going to accelerate those numbers in the forecoming months and going into next year comes upon us. By end of this week we’re going to have constructed now over 75 miles, a major milestone with respect to the wall construction. And a few important points, Steve. First, we’re putting this new, enduring capability in strategic priority locations throughout the entirety of the southern border from California all the way down to Texas. It’s also a border wall system, as we mentioned before. It's not just the infrastructure of the wall itself but the technology embedded into the wall, and the infrastructure as well surrounding the wall, the roads, the lighting, all of which informed by the true experts on the ground. Our front line Border Patrol agents who are the ones who have been informing all of us on what exactly they need to secure that front line and our border. So we expect that by the end of next year we will have constructed, again with the accelerated pace that we’re going to be reaching by way construction over the next few months, over 450 miles of new border wall along that southern border by the end of next calendar year.”

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