Richard Painter: George Washington Would Be Disgusted By Trump

‘George Washington never dealt with foreign countries and foreign governments’


PAINTER: “Well, I think George Washington would have been disgusted with Donald Trump and his behavior and his dealings with foreign countries, and George Washington never dealt with foreign countries and foreign governments, did not violate the emoluments clause of the United States constitution. Second, George Washington, although he was a great president, that business he ran and the business Thomas Jefferson ran used slave labor. They did have an economic conflict of interest. It was a domestic conflict of interest. It did not trigger the emoluments clause. It was very tragic, but for Donald Trump to acknowledge that part of George Washington’s history and Thomas Jefferson and refer to the plantations as wonderfully successful businesses, that shows his lack of understanding of American history, the role of slavery and also economic conflicts of interest and how tragic economic conflicts of interest, very, very rich powerful politicians can be for our country.”

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