Jim Jordan: ‘Most Americans Aren’t Concerned About This Unfair Partisan Investigation Adam Schiff’s Running’

‘The should be concerned that Adam Schiff won’t release the transcripts’

JORDAN: "I don't think Republicans, I think most Americans aren't concerned about this unfair partisan investigation Adam Schiff's running. I mean, they should be concerned that Adam Schiff won't let members in the room. They should be concerned that Adam Schiff won't release the transcripts. They should be concerned that next week he's got multiple depositions scheduled on the same day. How am I supposed to be at two places at one time and ask witnesses questions and see what goes on in these interviews? How is that fair in any way whatsoever? So that's what they should be — they should be concerned about Adam Schiff met with his staff, met with the whistleblower before they even filed the complaint."

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