Trump Mocks Dem Debates: They’re No Ted Cruz Who Was a National Debate Champ

‘You can’t beat Ted Cruz if you don’t interrupt him’


TRUMP: “But I said — I said, 'Melania...' — and I called Ivanka, I called my kids, I said, 'I’ve got a problem. Ted Cruz was the national debate — he was the number one guy in college. He was the number one guy in law school. How the hell do I beat a guy that's that good at debating?' But we came out okay, Ted. And Ted, Ted was tough. Smart as hell and tough. Tough!
(Cheering and Applause)
Good man. But it’s true, the first card I looked at, seriously, it was Ted Cruz and he was literally — I mean, national debate — he was the best in all of college and in law school. And he’s a talented guy. In recent debates, you see these people up  there, they’re not Ted Cruz, believe me. Hey, Ted, you should turn Democrat, you would win in that group, right?"

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