Mulvaney on Holding up Aid over U.S. Interests: ‘We Do that All the Time’

‘We were holding up aid to the northern triangle countries so they would change their policies on immigration’


MULVANEY: "We do that all the time with foreign policy. We were holding up money at the same time for — what was it, the Northern Triangle countries. We were holding up aid for the Northern Triangle countries so that they would change their policies on immigration. By the way, and this speaks to — I’m sorry? This speaks to an important point because I heard this yesterday and I can never remember the gentleman who testified. Was it McKinney? Is that his name. I don’t know him, he testified yesterday. And if you believe the news reports — because we have not seen any transcripts of this — the only transcript I've seen was Sondland's testimony this morning. If you read the news reports and you believed them, what did McKinney say yesterday? Well, McKinney said yesterday that he was really upset with the political influence in foreign policy. That was one of the reasons he was so upset about this. And I have news for everybody. Get over it. There is going to be political influence in foreign policy."

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