Kamala Harris Says Impeachment ‘Shouldn’t Take Long’: ‘We Have a Confession’

‘I’ve been calling for the impeachment of this president for a long time’


HARRIS: “So here's the thing. I’ve been calling for the impeachment of this president for a long time. And based on everything I know, yes."
MODERATOR: "Is there enough evidence?"
HARRIS: "Based on everything I know, yes. Yes. And here's how I think about it. Because you got a confession and you don't take a prosecutor to see that was a confession. I mean we have a confession, we have a cover up, right? So then they tried to hide the thing in the other computer, right? And then there's a concept called consciousness of guilt, which is, you know, like we know when our kids like, 'Oh, I didn't -- I didn't eat that. Because you know you did the thing you weren't supposed to do, right? And so this -- in fact when people say, Well, how long do you think this impeachment process is going to be. Well it shouldn't take very long, because there's some -- I mean he did it out in the open, you know.” 

(h/t Mediaite)

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