Scarborough: It’s Not Okay for Trump to Ask a Foreign Gov’t to Interfere and ‘They’re Going to All Pay’

‘They’re going to all pay for this’


SCARBOROUGH: " It’s not that hard. I tell you, it’s also not hard explaining to your constituents, 'Hey, I’m going to support this guy when he supports the people of Colorado. I’m going to vote for this guy when he votes, when he has issues that he’s pushing for the people of Colorado. But, no, I’m not going to allow him to do things that actually weaken America and I’m not going to allow him to do things that no other commander-in-chief would do because it undermines this country. It’s very simple. And they’re going to all pay. Listen, mark it down, they’re going to all pay for this politically."
BRZEZINSKI: "Well, I think —"
SCARBOROUGH: "They’re going to get voted —"
BRZEZINSKI: "Unfortunately, the country is too."
SCARBOROUGH: "They’re going to get voted out of office."

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