Peter Alexander: Obama’s Deal ‘a Legacy Defining Moment’ That’s ‘Within Reach’

‘Obama must now fend off Republican critics already attacking the framework’

GUTHRIE: “Another big story this morning. How this landmark deal to stop Iran from getting the bomb is now being received this morning not only in Washington, but around the world. The president has insisted this is a good deal, but it may proof to be a very tough sell. Let's go right to NBC's Peter Alexander at the White House. Peter, good morning to you.”
ALEXANDER: “Savannah, good morning to you. Here at the White House they are calling this unprecedented, but Republicans and the Israeli prime minister clearly not on board. This morning Benjamin Netanyahu already blasting the framework saying it threatens the very survival of Israel. 
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ALEXANDER (voice-over): “With the legacy defining moment now within reach."
OBAMA: “It is a good deal. A deal that meets our core objectives.”
ALEXANDER (voice-over): “President Obama must now fend off Republican critics already attacking his Iran framework.”
COTTON: “There is no deal or framework with Iran. There is only a list of very danger U.S. concessions  that's going to put Iran on the path to a nuclear weapon.”
ALEXANDER (voice-over): “Arkansas Republican Tom Cotton spearheaded that controversial letter to Iran last month opposing any deal.”
OBAMA: “If Congress killings this deal not based on expert analysis and without offering any reasonable alternative, it's the United States that will be flamed for the failure of diplomacy.”
ALEXANDER (voice-over): “The White House insists this historic agreement would block every pathway for Iran to build a nuclear bomb and put controls over disposing of Iran's nuclear fuel. The agreement also calls for strict UN inspections. In return, the U.S. and its allies will lift punishing sanctions while threatening they will be put back in place if Iran cheats. Secretary of State John Kerry told NBC's Andrea Mitchell.”
KERRY: “We will have extraordinary expensive verification measures that have not been applied before. We will have state-of-the-art television cameras within centrifuge production facilities.”
ALEXANDER (voice-over): “Overseas, Iran's foreign minister called it a win-win outcome.”
ZARIF: “When we implement our measures there will be no sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran.”
ALEXANDER (voice-over): “Even regular Iranians took to Twitter posting selfies with President Obama after Iran’s state run TV took the unusual step of showing a U.S. president's remarks live and uncensored.”
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ALEXANDER: “Now the clock starts again. The deadline for a final agreement is June 30. This is obviously complicated stuff. As a nuclear expert told me, think of this as 'honey I shrunk the program,' still the devil is in the details here, as the president himself conceded nothing is agreed to, Savannah, until everything is agreed.”
GUTHRIE: “As is so often the case.”

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