Pompeo Says Content of Trump’s Ukraine Call Was ‘Wholly Appropriate’

‘We work on it diplomatically to achieve good outcomes for the American people’

POMPEO: "I was on the call, I listened to it. It was consistent with what President Trump has been trying to do to take corruption out. I found that to be wholly appropriate, to try and get another country to stop being corrupt. But the most important reaction is from President Zelensky himself who said, 'Nah, I didn’t feel pushed, I didn’t feel pressured.' Everyone keeps suggesting that somehow there was undue pressure. I assure you countries all around the world every day call me to try and get America to behave in the way that’s in the best interest of their country. They try to apply pressure to me and we work on it. We work on it diplomatically to achieve good outcomes for the American people and the results — the results that President Trump has achieved with respect to our relationship with the Ukraine I think will stand on their own as a hallmark of success of the State Department and what this administration has done."

(Via PBS NewsHour)

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