Navarro on Unfavorable Fox News Poll for Trump: Finally Republicans Found Their Spine

‘The problem is Trump thinks he owns them’


NAVARRO: “Look, I think they want to send him a message. I think that finally after three years of complicit silence and cowardice, some Republicans have found their spine, reacquainted themselves with their conscience and traditional Republican values and are actually speaking out against Trump. The problem is Trump thinks he owns them. He thinks he owns them the way I own my four-pound poodle, who can’t live without me, who won’t eat without me. So he thinks he can get away with doing anything he wants with or without Republicans and Congress approving of it or not because they need him to win their primaries, and they need him to win their elections, and because they’ve let him get away with it for three years. This is a guy who boasted of sexual assault and they supported him, who paid hush money to a stripper and they supported him, who has enriched himself and violated emoluments clause, and they’ve supported him, who has a $1 trillion deficit, raised it to a $1 trillion deficit, and they’ve said nothing about it. So they have stood by a guy who has eviscerated traditional Republican values for three years, and finally they find their voice, and he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care because he doesn’t need them.”

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