Giuliani: Biden Actively Assisted in Closing Criminal Cases in Ukraine

‘This is based on a statement today by a parliament member in Ukraine’


BIDEN: “It’s all in here, Sean. A great letter by Pat Cipollone he. Six violations of the presidents civil rights, my civil rights, ten general Barr is a civil rights. I never wanted in my life want to appear in a Salem witch trial which would be fairer than this, it’s a process without any Due Process and the fact it’s being enabled by a completely corrupt press corps. I don’t know. Do you think we are going to hear on the press that a member of the Ukraine parliament held a press meeting today — you will not hear it on the news, ladies and gentlemen. You censor it. You’ll only hear the news that DEMs want you to hear. Describe the mechanism getting money by Biden senior. This is a transfer of funds as investigators believe by Joe Biden through a lobbying which answered to the U.S. Based company rosemont Seneca which according to open sources is affiliated with Biden. The payment was for consultative services and goes on to describe another $16.5 million payment apparently laundered payment involving both Devon archer and hunter, using political and economic levers of power, influencing Ukrainian authorities, and manipulating the Joe Biden actively assisted enclosing criminal cases. This is based on a statement today by a parliament member in the Ukraine, a very senior one. Saying that Joe Biden actively assisted closing criminal cases into the activity of former Ukrainian ecology minister who is the founder and owner of Burisma group. He’s a major oligarch, stall $5 billion from his people. He very suspiciously was allowed to come back. His case got dismissed when they dismiss Hunter Biden’s case but he’s the guy who paid the 16.5 million and the 900,000 to the Bidens — well it wasn’t 16.5, it was more 5 million. This guy is one of the major criminals of the Ukraine and he’s now walking around free because Joe Biden got the case dismissed.“

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