Matt Whitaker: Democrats Impeachment Process Is Inconsistent with the American Legal Tradition

‘I think Nancy Pelosi has been very unfair to the president’


WHITAKER: “I have read the transcript of the phone call, the Department of Justice has looked at it and said no crime was committed by the President. To some extent it feels like the Democrats and the House are by selectively leaking out and otherwise providing the evidence, that they're trying to put their thumb on the scale of what, again, is just so inconsistent with the American legal tradition of having fairness and impartiality. So I would really expect that until the President feels that it’s a fair process that he can defend himself, and that all of the evidence and what he outlined in this press conference, the Ambassador that gave a full deposition, not just a couple lines, would be exerted, but the entire interview would be provided to the American people so they could judge. As I've watched it play out, I think Nancy Pelosi has been very unfair to this President and I don’t know why the White House would cooperate at this point."

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