Matt Whitaker: People Care About the Economy, Not Impeachment

‘I did not hear people talking about impeachment especially Republicans except in a very negative sense’

WHITAKER: "You know, I spend a lot of time in my home state of Iowa, where I don't hear people talking about impeachment, especially Republicans, except in a very negative sense. What I hear them say is let's get the USMCA trade agreement passed. Why is the House spending their time on impeachment when we should be working on trade deals and working on, you know, keeping the economy strong and all kind of things, gun violence is obviously important to a lot of people and the House seems completely focused, at least six committees have been working in some form on this impeachment. So when I talk to Republicans and Iowans generally in places in the real world, what I hear them say is not that impeachment is the focus, it's making sure this great run of the economy we've had under President Trump is sustainable into the future for everyone."

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