Warren Says She Won’t Hold Big-Dollar Fundraisers No Matter How Much Trump Raises

‘No, I will not be forced to make changes in how I raise money’


WARREN: "No, I will not be forced to make changes in how I raise money. For me, this is pretty straightforward. Either you think democracy works and electing a president is all about going behind closed doors with bazillionaires, corporate executives and lobbyists and scooping up as much money as possible, or you think it's about a grassroots, let's build this from the ground up. And the problem is, so long as it's the wealthy and well connected who finance the presidential elections, then we're going to continue to have a government that works really great for the wealthy and the well connected and just not work for much of anyone else. My campaign is all about changing that. It's all about making this country, making this government, making this democracy work not just for those at the top but for everyone. And here's the thing, it's working."

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