Trump Mocks ‘Little Boy’ Steve Kerr for ‘Pandering’ to China, ‘He Was Shaking’

‘They talk badly about the United States, but on China they do not want to say anything bad’


TRUMP: “Well, the NBA is a different thing. I mean, I watched this guy, Steve Kerr, he was like a little boy, he was so scared to be even answering the question. He couldn't answer the question, he was shaking. Oh, I don't know. He didn't know how to answer the question. And yet, he'll talk about the United States very badly. I watched Popovich, sort of the same thing, but he didn't look quite as scared, actually. But they talk badly about the United States, but he talks about China, they don't want to say anything bad. I thought it was pretty sad, actually. It will be very interesting.”

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