Trump on Syria: ‘Lindsey Would Like to Stay There for the Next 200 Years’

‘I disagree with Lindsey on that’


TRUMP: “Well, I think it's okay. I've already told that to President Erdogan. Far more than sanctions, I'll do far more than sanctions. Lindsey — and I'd feel differently. I think Lindsey would like to stay there for the next 200 years, and maybe add a couple of hundred thousand people every place. But I disagree with Lindsey on that. But I will tell you that I do agree on sanctions, but I actually think much tougher than sanctions, if he doesn't do it in as humane way as possible. But I've gotten him to stop for, virtually from the first day that I was in office, but they have wanted to fight and that's the way it is and they've done it for so long. Yes, go ahead, please."

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