Heritage’s Terry Miller: China Not Agreeing to Stop Stealing Intellectual Property

‘This is a problem that has been discussed for quite some time but we cannot seem to get to a point where the Chinese agree they will stop doing that’


WEBSTER: "But the fact remains, Ambassador, that those main issues, the forced transfer of technology, the stealing of intellectual property, this is a problem that has been discussed now for quite some time but we just can't seem to get to a point where the Chinese agree that they will stop doing that."

MILLER: "Well, these are problems that have been discussed for years actually. I do think that China has made some moves in this area, clearly not enough, the problem is that the pace of change in China now is very, very slow. We had hoped for much more rapid change, a much more direct turn towards free market principles and the rule of law. But we haven't seen that in recent years from China. And it will be up to them to decide if they want to really join the 21st century and the globalized economy as a full partner or not. That's a societal change, it's going to be difficult for them but it’s what we need to see."

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