McCain Praises Gowdy, Says His Joining the Trump Admin. Is Bad News for Dems

‘You can laugh all you want, but the fact he’s joining Trump’s team is good news for Trump’


McCAIN: "I think I’m confused why everyone is laughing because my take on it is that they have been having closed hearings, and don’t we want as most transparency as possible?"
GOLDBERG: "They’re laughing at —"
McCAIN: "You can go on about Trey Gowdy, but he's one of the great congressmen. He's a brilliant orator. He is someone I have respected for years. You can laugh all you want, but the fact that he’s joining Trump’s team is good news for Trump, and it's bad news for Democrats."
GOLDBERG: "I don’t know if it’s bad for Democrats, but everyone is laughing at — exactly."
HOSTIN: "Because he's supporting the White House’s position that they’re not going to provide documents."
McCAIN: "But Democrats also aren't bringing things into light of day."

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