Marianne Williamson’s Elevator Pitch: Government Does Not Reflect the Basic Goodness of the American People

‘I think the American people are very good and decent people’


WILLIAMSON: "Hi. I'm Marianne Williamson and this is what I will do if I'm president. I think the American people are very good and decent people. I think we're better than other people and I think we're as good as other people. The problem is that our goodness is so divergent for the operation of our political establishment. We have a government that does not reflect the consciousness, the goodness, the basic decency of American people, so much as it reflects advocacy  for short-term profits for huge multinational corporations. An amoral economic system has hijacked our government and hijacked our value system. We need a season of repair, a season of moral repair. We have to bring capitalism back into alignment with ethics. We need to put humanitarian and democratic principles int the place where they should be, which is our bottom line, as opposed to market forces that are unfettered by ethical considerations.”

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