Del. Norton: We’re Going to Pass Gun Control and Climate Bills While Impeaching Trump

‘We intend to keep plowing ahead on those issues from gun control to climate change’


NORTON: “As expeditious as courts can be, they could not get through all the subpoenas that the White House is using as a delay tactic. So I don’t think we should fall for that. I think we should proceed with the evidence we have. Now if we didn’t have good evidence it seems a case could be made that you just got to stop. But we have two whistle-blowers. We have a lot of evidence from those who have come forward. Now they’re telling us they’re not letting anybody come forward. I think it’s because they see we have evidence. They want to contribute to it. I think the house of representatives which has an obligation to proceed with an impeachment inquiry can’t let the party on the other side of the impeachment inquiry keep it from moving forward. I think you are going to keep us — see us keeping that data and another reason we need to keep that date, is, Anderson, we haven’t been sent here just to do impeachment pmt we’ve been sent here because we have passed bills that are of great importance to the American people. And we intend to keep plowing ahead on those issues from gun control to climate change. And not let impeachment be all we do in 2020.”

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