Tucker Mocks Steve Kerr: When Money’s at Stake, He Obeys Like a Corporate Stooge

‘Steve Kerr is a phony’


KERR: “Not going to comment further. A bizarre international story. In other words Steve Kerr is a phony. He’s brave when the crowds applaud but when money is at stake, he shuts up and obeys like the cowardly little corporate stooge that he is. It’s hard to imagine how a man like that can look himself in the mirror at night. Yet he’s not alone. Hardly. There are countless Steve Kerr’s in corporate America. All of them happy to lick the boots of their Chinese masters for pay. They just banned a top player from one of its games because he gave an interview supporting the demonstrations in Hong Kong. Just last year right outside of Washington, the hotel company Marriott fired one of its employees. Why? For liking a tweet that recognized Taiwan as a country. That’s it. That tweet offended China. So Marriott did the bidding of the fascists and fired him. That actually happened. This is common by the way. In Hollywood pandering to China is so common and so fragrant that the show South Park produced an entire episode mocking it.”

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